14 Responses to “I Just Wanted To Be Part of Your Special Day!”

  1. Anon

    Really Susan, you want to shame the mommy? You think she had nothing else on her mind? You think she’s not feeling miserable? How do you know they were even carelessly left anywhere? Maybe Chopper is just really clever. My dog can jump on tables and open cabinets and drawers. Maybe Chop is equally talented.

    • my 4 dogs♡

      Accidents happen! Chopper has wonderful parents that took care of him when he decided to indulge!

  2. Linda

    I love that you took this picture with his vet tag still on. (Possibly while you were still at the vet’s!) Yucky way to spend a night, but a great shot. Glad eveyone is okay.

  3. Jayde

    My dog pulled chocolate brownies out of the oven while they were still cooking… when they want something they will find a way to get it. I hope you got the chocolate staines out of the wedding dress 😛

  4. Stephanie

    The fact that the honeymoon was less important than getting her baby to the vet spoke volumes.

  5. CathyLee Mule

    My dog got into a half bag of chocolate eggs. ate it all and we didnt even find out til two days later. Never phased her. That dog was a shih tsu and a beast.

  6. my 4 dogs♡

    Usually those who visit dog shaming love dogs and can relate to the people who send in photos. We’re not here to shame the people.

  7. Malori

    I once had a dog that looked JUST like Chopper. Like identical. He was half Cavalier King Charles spaniel and half French Bulldog. I wonder what Chopper is!


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