10 Responses to “I shed”

  1. Sachi'sMom

    I feel your pain! Even when I brush him daily, My Shiba is a free shedder! David is a doll!

  2. Mel

    I love that his name is David. He looks like he could just start a conversation with you!

  3. my 4 dogs♡

    I also feel for you. I have 4 dogs…and go thru vacuums like water!
    David….what a great name!

  4. Girl from Oz

    I love his dashing little moustache! And how very polite to keep his fur in a tidy pile.

  5. Mhblake

    Have you tried a furminator? If not, give it a shot (they’re cheaper on Amazon by the way). It’ll change your life.

  6. Karen

    Double vote for a Furminatot – def cut the housework in my house! My Vin doesnt scratch as much either & is much shinier! Didnt like the look of it mysel but dog loves it!!


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