14 Responses to “Lola the remote hog….I mean bird”

  1. catherine

    Hi Lola – you do look pretty pleased with yourself. No shame at all.

    (PS – i have one at home as well – both the cockatoo and buttonless remote! )

  2. qotu

    I have a 18 year old Moluccan cockatoo and she has destroyed more things than I can count. I still love her and she is my best friend.

  3. Gabrielle Baker

    I love cockatoos. There are heaps of wild ones near where I live, you see them congregating on the light poles in the centre of the highway. One of the businesses on that road had a sign that was made of styrofoam over the door, and some of the cockies would go over and rip hunks of foam off the sign and spit it out on customers entering the door.

  4. Virginia

    The cute face hides a nasty streak! We have a bird like this and when it’s not happy nobody is happy There is nothing cute about a temper tantrum at 3 in the morning because the bird had a dream about something that pissed it off!


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