7 Responses to “Lynn the fun destroyer”

  1. Burger Meister

    That is what is sooo perfect about dogs; they don’t know anything about “nice stuff”…but they do know about “nice people”, and that is all they want in their life! 🙂

  2. Patience Worth

    Yeah, who ever would have thought a dog would scratch a hole in a cheap wading pool? Oh, wait. . .

  3. Kim Cronin

    I bet she had a great time doing it! Get one of those little hard plastic baby pools. That ought to last.

  4. elle

    get the cheap, stiff plastic ones from the grocery store. It took my bc a week to destroy that – by trying to drag it around when it was full of water. After that I just toured the neighborhood until I found a family throwing out their inch-thick wading pool w tiny slide – that was indestructible. Then your bc will just spend hours barking and trying to dig all the water out of the pool.


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