13 Responses to “Marley’s Birthday”

  1. Kpupfly

    Marley is adorable & looks very happy! What a snappy dresser! I’m sure he’ll be a good boy. Hope his human boy feels better.

  2. Fiona Thomas

    I bet Marley is a style guru in his neighbor hood, hope his human feels better soon

  3. Nay

    Marley, your “je ne sais quoi” oozes out of you. Best wishes to your young friend and playmate but that cheeky face is bound to cheer him up immensely.

  4. Barbara

    Marley – Happy Birthday! Take good care of your boy, and keep working hard on your training. Your Dog Shaming Fan, Barbara

  5. mamgu

    Happy Birthday Marley. From now on “Just say no” to chewing!!!! Best wishes to your young friend for a s speedy recovery.

  6. Jan

    Looks like Marley is a slave to fashion!!! I love it!! And to the little boy feel much better kiddo, you have a good buddy there to help you!!

  7. quantakiran

    Hey Marley, it’s your birthday! We’re gonna have a party! oops, too late. looks like you started without us!

    i hope your pal gets well soon!


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