9 Responses to “No, it’s not THAT kind of ‘Apple’…”

  1. Timothy

    who in their right mind buys an $80 computer charger? Especially when you have a cat with a history of chewing them up.

  2. Carrie

    He thinks that since you have him, you don’t need your computer to look at pictures of other cats. Pretty kitty!

  3. Helen

    My dog chewed two apple chargers and three lamp cords in about a month once. Only when I put sriracha on the cord did she learn to stop.

  4. Canyon and Ridge's servant

    I have to hide my laptop and phone charger cords from my cat. Someone told me they have a certain coating on them with the side effect that it makes them more attractive to cats. I’m inclined to believe this as it’s the only ones he will chew.


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