10 Responses to “Stuffed toy killer”

  1. Eve

    Our beagle mix loves to do this too and it just fun for her. But not for me as I’m usually the one to clean it up! LOL Loves the squeakers too but she just breaks them with her teeth.

  2. Marion

    My standard poodle takes the squeakers out every time so I do surgery when he gets a new toy. I open a seam, remove the squeaker, and sew it up again. The toy gets to live a long life under the dining room table brought out to greet any visitors.

  3. Judy

    We got some from Costo the dragons and they have plastic in them that crunches but so far squeaker is still in and animal is still intact shock!

  4. Cat Lover with a dog

    My Penny is the same – her motto is “Squeakers must die!” Any toy that squeaks gets destroyed in minutes. My house looks like a crime scene after she’s through with her murderous rampage.

  5. Tiffany

    Our 11 month old Corgi loves to rip out all the stuffing out of any toy he has. He gets so sad so when he destroys the squeaker.

  6. Canyon and Ridge's servant

    As far as Canyon is concerned the toy is just wrapping. The present is the squeaker.


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