6 Responses to “The Gatekeeper”

  1. Kristy

    Why do dogs hate delivery men so much? My White German Shepherd is the sweetest dog ever, yet the second she sees the UPS truck she losses her mind. A stranger can knock on the door and she is fine, but if it is the UPS guy she acts like she’s out for blood 🙂

    • Sar

      My border collie/lab mix hates the mail person. If we encounter people on our walks, she is curious. If she sees a mail person she starts barking and her hackles go up. Maybe it’s the uniform? Maybe it’s that they come to the house and then don’t stay for a visit?

    • Dungeonmaster Jim

      From the dog’s perspective, he’s a stranger who trespasses, leaves something behind and then flees. That is provocative and untrustworthy behavior to a pooch.

  2. Lindsay

    Our pit/boxer got out and went after the mailman with kisses. Thank god he had three pits of his own-I was so worried!


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