5 Responses to “Wet Alarm Clock”

  1. bethanne38

    She might not really be sneezing, dogs do an exhale that sounds like a sneeze when they are happy and want to play. It sounds a bit different than a normal sneeze, I didn’t know this until my brother-in-law found a few articles about it on the web. That’s a very cute dog.

  2. Allison Landreth

    I thought I was the only one! My dog sneezes on my every morning! And it’s definitely a sneeze – unfortunately.

  3. poodlegirl2

    Yes, those body noises seem to be communication. My pup yawns widely, and several times in a row, also belch’s loudly in my face when he is talking or happy – doesn’t seem to burp much any other time. My rabbit used to “clap” his ears together, make noise by rubbing his teeth together (teeth purring) as well as banging/throwing his food dish against a wall when it was time for dinner!


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