19 Responses to “YOU try having 10 babies!”

  1. Chris

    You are an Angel for rescuing this adorable pup! Mine are all rescues but I could never handle a puppy let alone 10 newborns and the Momma!

  2. sonia

    Just look at those eyes, trying to see past everything in front of her. Congratulations on the other 10 ‘free’ puppies.

  3. Katherine

    Awwww….good mama Daisy, but bad poopy paws! Ewwwwww! 🙂

    I’d speculate that Daisy’s being fostered for a rescue that will undoubtedly have all of the puppies taken care of before adoption.

  4. Jackie

    Oh, she is sorry. She has a big job to do 🙂 We got our puppy as part of a litter that was rescued with the mom when they were just a few weeks old. They were all set to be put down. God bless you for helping this busy mom!

  5. Pittie Mom

    Daisy, you are such a pretty girl and I’m guessing it’s a tough job being a good Mom to ten babies! Sorry about the poop accident that night. And to the people who are taking care of y’all, you are heroes; thank you.for saving 11 lives.

  6. Babbalou

    Speaking as a mom myself, I say give her a break…..but I know you will because you already have…

  7. Karen

    I’m Daisy’s mom and -yes – I work with a pet rescue that pulls from high-kill shelters. This picture was taken at the end of May. Since then, Daisy had 10 healthy pups, and loving homes were found for all of them! Daisy stayed with me, though…I couldn’t let her go because I love her so much!! The “puppies” are 7 months old now and weigh over 50 pounds already! Oh, and Daisy NEVER has accidents anymore! 🙂

  8. quantakiran

    Shame, the poor dear must’ve panicked a little when she realised she made a mess. Glad to hear everyone’s doing well!


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