9 Responses to “Beach Bomber”

  1. Lily's mom

    I’ve got you beat – mine craps “in” the beach. Walks out into the water, looks out like she’s taking in the nice view & then squats down & drops a crap into the water.

    • HawaiianHuskyMama

      Yup. Same here. He will be ON the beach and walk into the water just to do his business. Every. Single. Time.

  2. Yvonne

    I’d rather pick up dog poo off beach sand than anywhere else. It’s dead easy and nothing gets left behind.

  3. Hollie

    We would have to keep our dog on the leash until she did her business. Even if she had just pooped at home, she would go at the beach.

  4. jessleavemealone

    This is seriously my dog’s doppelgänger! What type of dog is this? I always thought mine was unique looking, but his colors and hair is exactly like yours. Mine was a cocker spaniel poodle mix!


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