4 Responses to “Coda the pee brain”

  1. Juls

    That’s ok, Coda. That happens to all of us at some point, raining or not! 🙂 You’re still a good doggie.

  2. LKM

    Coda looks like a Jindo (or maybe a husky x)? The reason I ask is we have a rescued Jindo husky x named Maska who pee’s all over his front legs all the time!! We blame it on bad knees but I think he is just lazy!!

    • joanne

      I have a 1 year old husky (so no bad knees) and he squats and pees on his front legs!!! He can lift his legs because he does do it when he wants. Also seen him lift his leg change his mind a squat. I think it’s laziness!!! Lol we still love them though even with pee wee paws


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