6 Responses to “Couch accessory”

  1. DogMom

    Yeah, good luck on that. One of the truisms of doghood: Dogs love couches. Plus, he/she blends in so well and looks soooo comfortable. Give him/her kisses and scratches for me!

  2. j.

    No only no shame, but looks a little irritated that you dared to disturb the all mighty couch master with your puny and insignificant piece of paper!

  3. Crystle

    Our Puggles ruined a couch by doing that! And when we got new furniture it was specifically chosen to not have that comfy top cushion!

  4. Suzy

    He looks like he honestly doesn’t give a flying crap lmao! My pug has ruined my couch cushion doing this too!


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