22 Responses to “Fox Shaming”

  1. Shawn

    I am laughing because he doesn’t care but amazed that someone actually has a fox for a pet?? I’m surprised that is legal and safe enough to have a leash for him! (Him or her??)

  2. Burger Meister

    Wow! I know there are some states that allow Foxes as pets…but I have never actually heard of anyone having one! Beautiful animal!!!! Though, looking at this baby’s coloring…I’m guessing he may be a hybrid?

    • Jay jay

      When they started breeding for temperament in Russia they noticed a lot of morphological changes as well, such as changes in color, changes in limb length, and some foxes started having curly tails 😉

  3. zomg

    oh my god, where are you can have a fox? I want one but they’re illegal in Oregon for some stupid reason.

  4. Fox

    As cool and as great as owning a fox seems to be, they are a lot of work, need special enclosures. And no matter how friendly, if they do bite someone, they need to be put down, because there is no rabies vaccine for foxes and the only way to tell if they do have rabies is to check out the brain. So watch them on the web, and if you really want one, spend the money to have research done on a working rabies vaccine for them.


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