10 Responses to “Give the dog a hand!”

  1. Kizzie Mollison

    My spaniel did that to all my barbies when I was little, safe to say he enjoyed himself and wasn’t sorry in the slightest! Woof!

  2. Chris

    Take it away quickly! Those things are expensive. You can have them repaired at the A.G. store.

  3. patti

    I had a Westie that turned Barbie into paraplegic Barbie. And no, she wasn’t a bit sorry.

  4. Kim Gates

    They do not have life insurance…but they do have an operating room where they do limb replacements…lol It happened to a friend of mine little girl’s doll and it was like $25 to replace a limb. I am an OR nurse and I found this quite Humerus…haha. Poor puppy does look very sorry!!! Just was so excited to be able to play.

  5. Lyn

    bitty baby fell victim in our house. Told all the kids to keep their doors closed if they didn’t want stuff touched

  6. Kpupfly

    But she/he looks SO sorry! How could you not forgive that face? Maybe a special needs doll just makes her more real life and shows kids everybody is normal and can be loved and accepted. The dog was trying to help awareness


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