7 Responses to “Happy birthday, you little stinker!”

  1. Andrea

    He looks like he is part pug and it could be a pug thing? My pug hated pooping outside when the weather was bad. It felt like it took years to get her to stop pooping in the house when the weather is bad!

  2. Molly

    Oh my goodness, look at that sweet face! Our 2 year old chihuahua/Yorkie mix still occasionally poops in the house. I have the feeling when he turns 5, nothing will have changed. As my vet has said, little dogs are stinkers!
    Happy birthday to Marley!

  3. Tami

    Marley is sooooo cute! She looks so much like my Puggle (Beagle/Pug mix). I adopted Mya in October and she has been a joy! Amazingly…Mya has never pooped in the house. 😉

  4. Lesley

    It’s been a very cold winter here in Kansas and our Doxie, Captain Morgan, has reverted to puppyhood and, when it’s well below zero, he will poop in the upstairs hallway. We have retrained him to go outside by giving him a treat upon re-entry. As a result, he is now overweight. I wonder who is really running this show!


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