11 Responses to “I Found Your Underwear”

  1. Liz

    my box-ador will tip the covered hamper over, open the lid just for dirty socks-only the ones we have worn. Socks only.

  2. Kim Gates

    Mine steals my dirty underwear and chews the crotch in half. All underwear, male or female, when removed go directly into a bag on the shelf or to the basement. Pain in the rear but cheaper than buying new every week. Lid on hamper does not help. Doubt even a safe at Fort Knox would help. BTW she is beautiful and looks similar to my dog maybe it is the breed. lol And my dad nicknamed me Clyde growing up and I am a girl 100%, my sister was Sam.

  3. deirdre

    Clyde is a beauty. My Lab Ruby liked to drag a pair of knickers out of the wash basket and run around the garden with them, throwing them up with great abandon snd jumping up to catch them. Unfortunatly the next door neighbours had called in and ruby started to fling the offending item all around the front room, I wouldn’t mind but they were my disco pants,


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