7 Responses to “I poop in protest”

  1. Sunny's Mama

    My dog likes to pee on the scale when the vet assistant weighs her! I feel her pain!

  2. Kristy

    I used to have a Dalmatian that would poop the instant he would get inside the veterinary exam room. He never would have accidents in the house, but the second the vet was ready to see him he would poop right then and there. I think it was a “fear poop” since he knew the vet was probably going to poke and prod him…

  3. Andrea

    I bet the nice people who work there are used to that! They’ve probably seen it all. (Don’t feel too bad about it… my dog drops a few turds on the examination table!!)

  4. Dawn

    Passive agressive win! Poor pooch- the vet office probably smells like fear to our canine friends


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