7 Responses to “I See Dead Things”

  1. Tina Mintz

    Now that’s a winner! I LMBO… my dog does the same thing… I wish I could understand the attraction… well… maybe I don’t wish that then I might be out there rolling with him..

  2. Mary Saunders Martorella

    My next door neighbor had a sheep dog which kept rolling in a failed septic system. He would break his chain and/or collar to go roll in it on a daily basis. She got fed up and took him to the groomer, who removed ALL of his hair (have you ever seen a sheep dog without fur?). Interestingly, the dog never rolled in the septic system again.

  3. Jackie

    I have never seen a brussels/pug mix and I must say he is s very cute dog! I love his wispy hairs and the few strands of bangs lol adorable!

  4. Suzanne

    My dog was a connoisseur of dead things to roll in, with a preference for garter snakes, but really, anything decomposing was wonderful in his book.

  5. RayKayle

    Oh my gosh!!! This looks exactly like my pup! I heard he had a sister but I was too late to meet the adoptive people parents when I picked him up. Too cute!!!!


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