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The Dog Shaming Family is proud to introduce our newest addition! Little Mia was born on December 16th weighing in at 7lbs 2oz. Mom and dad couldn’t be more excited (and tired). True to the dogshaming ways this family is accustomed to, Mia has already pooped, peed, or barfed on everything we love; INCLUDING THE DOG!! We want to thank everyone for following our blog and helping us make dogshaming a huge success!

If you live in the lower mainland of British Columbia and have a baby or fur-baby you’d like to have photographed, Ashleigh Wells Photography comes highly recommended! She did both this shoot as well as the picture for the back of the book! You’ll have to wait a while though, she’s also on maternity ’til March! BABIES FOR EVERYONE!

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40 Responses to “Introducing a new addition to the dogshaming pack!”

  1. Lightcatcher

    I became a great grandmother for the first time in December 2014.That little baby is a barf and poo machine. Lucky he’s family.

  2. dub1

    Congratulations! We were just wondering how you all were doing. And no wonder that shag carpet is poo-coloured . . .

  3. redfinch

    Congratulations!! Mia is beautiful and glad she fits so well into the dogshaming family!!

  4. Amy Wilson Franks

    Congrats…beautiful girl! My dog was very helpful and alerting us to dirty diapers. My husband claimed he couldn’t tell when diapers were dirty so would hold baby up to dog to get a reading. The worse the ‘diaper surprise’ was, the more sniffing.

  5. Sachi'sMom

    In all seriousness, that is a beautiful baby, COGRATS! She is actually smiling in this pic!

  6. Dr. ABC

    How do the dogs like the weird new puppy? Is it a cocker? (yes. In Yiddish, those who excrete are cockers.)

  7. mary

    Welcome Mia, barfing comes with babies, it is risk you take. In a restraunt one day, I laid my son across my lap and rubbed his back, he barfed into my open purse, lots, I had to fish out the barfy wallet and money in the rest room wash it off dry the best I could and pay the bill. You should have seen the look I got handing over damp money. I kept saying, I swear I wased it off.

  8. Ann Y.

    Congratulations, she is beautiful!! All the barfing, pooping and peeing transgressions are easily forgiven the minute we look at them. Mother and fatherhood is quite the experience! 🙂

  9. Brenda

    Congratulations! Your baby girl is beautiful! In all the commotion that comes with a new baby, please remember to enjoy her! 🙂


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