17 Responses to “Maggie christened the house”

  1. c reeves

    Hope you can get some if not all of it out. But, yeah, not Maggie’s fault— somebody left it where she could get it. That’s the law in our house— if a dog gets it, odds are it is a human’s fault for leaving whatever where a dog could reach it.

  2. Anne

    Try Murphy’s oil soap and water to get ink stains out. My dog did the same on light blue carpets with India ink. 3x and it worked and a carpet shampoo after.

  3. Lightcatcher

    If the Murphy’s oil soap doesn’t work, try calling a carpet cleaning service. They have seen it all.

  4. lee

    Dog owners can’t own carpets, that’s all. Dog or carpet – you can’t have both. I think it’s an easy choice, though

  5. Von

    Maggie has kind of a derp expression in this photo, which is making me laugh and want to hug her.

    Everyone can relax now the new house has been christened. All future stains and damage will be referred to as “at least it wasn’t printer toner on the white carpet.”

  6. Pittie Mom

    Maggie, Maggie, Maggie…you are an absolute cutie and thank goodness you have such loving humans. The first thought I had mirrors Von’s above; the new house has now been christened and a yardstick has been created. To Maggie’s humans, I’m sorry and hopefully some of the suggestions worked on getting the ink out of the carpet…and Maggie is beautiful.

  7. Danni

    Turtle Wax makes upholstery cleaners that will work on carpet. My now teen in his toddler years got my fine art print makers ink (thick gummy tar like stuff) in my carpet and it got it out.

  8. Clover

    I spilled a gallon of latex turquoise wall paint on a tan carpet. I found that soaking the spot in Krud Kutter allowed it to come up cleanly. It may work for ink too. Good luck!

  9. DMZ

    If you try to clean it yourself……………….cold water, cold water, cold water. Toner makes itself permanent with heat (as it does in the printer) and will resist like crazy if you try warm or hot. I saw a beautiful rosy pink dress on our receptionist become embedded with toner………….by the time the tech got to our office she had ruined the dress. He was the one who told us about cold water.

  10. Lydia Lozano

    OK, you have a bull massif and you bought a house with white carpet. And then someone didn’t put away the toner. Hmmmm. Who needs to be shamed? Poor Maggie.


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