7 Responses to “Oui, c’est Pépé Le Pew”

  1. Lucille

    You won’t believe this, but there is a portion of the public that perceives skunk odor differently and to whom it isn’t repugnant. I am one of them. It smells sort of like frying onions to me. Maybe this cute pup is one of us.

  2. Kris Baldo

    I also don’t find skunk smell to be so bad, but only from a bit of a distance. When it’s right in your face, it can be overwhelming. Our pointer mix got sprayed 3 times, too, but each time it was less strong. Finally, he could be seen running AWAY from skunks!

  3. so stinking cute!

    my husband cant smell it at all. I vomit violently and my eyes tear up to the point I cant see. My dogs have been skunked 3 times. I cant even wash them I react so badly. He cant smell it at all…..


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