6 Responses to “Screen Door, No More”

  1. Jackie

    LOL! He just could not help himself! We went to a Pella rolling screen door for this very reason 🙂

  2. TiredGeezerLady

    So cute! I love the way Buck is surveying his handiwork and thinking that it will be easier next time. We had a dog who looked very much like Buck, and he was hell-bent on chasing squirrels, too, even climbed a tree going after one. He caught one once – that was sad.

  3. Dr. ABC

    So this Buck heard “The call of the Wild”? (BTW, the lead character in Jack London’s “Call of the Wild” was a dog named…Buck. P.S. to self, if one has to explain a joke, it’s not funny. Shame on me!

  4. Stephanie

    We learned how to re-screen windows and sliding doors for just this reason. We came home to our apartment and said, “Aww, somebody’s dog got loose…Crap! That’s OUR dog!” It requires minimal tools, and it’s easier than caging our dogs up for the day for maintenance men that don’t come until weeks later.


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