9 Responses to “They Say Nothing in Life is Free”

  1. marcia

    Bless you for rescuing Riley. He will pay you back abundantly with unconditional love that money can’t buy.
    (Sorry about the check).

  2. Leslie

    What kind of dog is Riley? We rescued a dog last year in CA who looks exactly like him. We Think ours is half Boston half Daschund.

    • Jenna

      Our pup looks identical to this one and is Labrador X American Staffy. Quite crazy how similar they look!


    I commend you for giving Riley a good home !
    You can replace a check but you can not replace Riley.

  4. DogMom

    I guess you also checked for a microchip? Seems like you found a blessing – – or that the blessing found you.

  5. Grumpy

    He was just in the living room minding his own business when this envelope burglar broke into the house through the mail slot. He had to defend his new family and his new home and valiantly attacked the mighty envelope. After a brutally long struggle, he triumphed over the burglar. Now pay your respects to your fine protector!


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