20 Responses to “You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!”

  1. Briscuit Brae

    I have an old girl that has been a model pet through the years but who has lately taken to stretch her behaviors a bit into the naughty realm. This just made me laugh out loud! So sweet~~so familiar here.

  2. Juls

    “Ninja skills” – love it! 🙂 My old dog once silently ate a half pound of very expensive beef jerky while we were driving. Should’ve known it was a little TOO quiet in the car.

  3. stella

    He just looks too innocent – I think the checker at the store stole your pizza for his dinner and Drake was trying to alert you to what had happened, but Drake is such a good boy that he wouldn’t want to make a bunch of noise while you were driving, so he just went into the back of the van and pointed at the empty pizza box. Unfortunately, you didn’t notice this, and jumped to the conclusion that Drake had stole the pizza.

  4. Jackie

    Very impressed with his skills! Hope he enjoyed every last bite….he needs forgiving look at that cute face, but I cant see him going grocery shopping again!

  5. Laurie Davenport

    He waited 11 years, passing up ALL THOSE OPPORTUNITIES, for this one moment of indulgence….he definitely gets a “pass”…..

  6. Laura

    LOL He does look quite pleased with himself. He’s adorable. If that’s the first time he ever did anything like that….I’d say you’ve got a wonderful dog there. Way to go Drake!!!

  7. scott vincent

    Being Italian myself, I,d like to think maybe he was sparing you of eating the store bought pizza. Molto Bene Drake!


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