20 Responses to “Valentine’s day dinner for one?”

  1. Lou Ellen

    Nothing better than cuddling up with your beaglelove, now that’s Valentine’s Day. He just wanted a pre dinner too!!!

  2. Nay

    Holy crap! That is an industrious attempt at gluttony. ‘Course humans made it easy but leaving in reach.

  3. justine

    never ever leave a Beagle alone unless you are prepared to clean up a lot of mess! Once can home to sofa cushions torn and strewed across the floor a new book freshly shredded and confeti of kitchen roll on my bed!!

  4. Tina Mintz

    He was going to eat his sorrow away… He just couldn’t get the freezer open to get the ice cream out…

  5. Karena Kaminski

    I am the Mom of Guinness (she’s black & tan) a 9 yr old Beagle…I’ve had 3 previously & my son has one now…’Wrecks’….there is NOTHING they can’t or won’t attempt to eat!! Wrecks…who at times has a slight limp from a tendon injury, jumped up on a high top table to feed his inner Polishness by eating 8 of 12 semi frozen homemade Pierogi my son had painstakingly made. He was lying innocently on the couch when my son walked out of his room to find a professionally opened freezer bag missing most of its contents!!! Wrecks limps very effectively when he gets ‘busted’ for his shenanigans !!!

  6. Lisa W.

    I knew before I saw the guilty party that the dog would be a beagle. I have owned at least one beagle (and sometimes more than one at a time) since around 1991. They are wonderful dogs in so many ways, but can be very destructive and will steal any food within their reach and some that is beyond their reach.

  7. Mimi

    Your dog looks exactly like the beagle I had as a kid! She was slightly “heavy” because she ate like there was no tomorrow. One time my mom took a roast out of the oven to cool. We were in the other room when we heard the thud. My dog had knocked it to the floor and was trying desperately to eat the whole thing before we stopped it. Problem was, it was still hot!

  8. Rob

    I have a Bagel (beagle/basset ) — Hank — and his inner food-hound rules his life. Cat food. Cat Poop. Dead birds. Human Food. Anything remotely like food. We are always working within the “Hank rules”, which are designed to protect innocent food from his awesome nose.

  9. DachsundRescuer

    Hopefully you’ve got a few Tupperware container! Haha. We’ve had this happen before! Started buying the nags that zip shut and they stopped chewing them up.

  10. Kim

    I submitted this picture. The bag of dog food was sitting in the foyer for about 2 days (waiting for the food container to empty out). Before leaving for dinner, my husband suggested that we move the bag to where the dogs couldn’t get it. I said not to worry about it because it’s the same food that was currently in their bowl, and they would have gotten into it by now if they wanted to. Little did I know… my husband and I were so shocked that all we could do was laugh when we walked in the door. Love my beagles <3

  11. fogharty

    Yep… been there… cleaned that

    (also shares home with a beagle)

    It’s been suggested by more than one person that I get a gun safe for all dog food/cat food/loaves of bread storage needs.


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