A Disgusting Reminder: pick up your things, kids! | Dog Shaming

George Dog Shame Resize


The Vine family found out the hard way that backpacks don’t go on the floor.

Denise doesn’t mind George’s antics though, they love him to bits! Here’s George’s story (and the amazing family who adopted him!)

We adopted him when he was about three-years-old.  He had been an outdoor dog in Northern Minnesota until his owner finally surrendered him to a shelter.  The vet found bb pellets in his liver on an x-ray, so he obviously did not have the greatest life.  He is a character!  We have had a lot of dogs as we adopted nothing but seniors for awhile, but none can quite compare to George.  He is a big baby, but is top dog.  He body slams 90 pound pitbulls at the dog park but will cry if anyone even barks at him.  At home, he wants to be held like a baby and pulls stubborn Basset things like walking to the door and then going completely limp refusing to go out.

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12 Responses to “A Disgusting Reminder: pick up your things, kids!”

  1. Dana

    George sounds like he is truly one of a kind, and he and his family are so lucky to have each other! Though it sounds like living with George is high pressure – DO NOT LEAVE THINGS ON THE FLOOR. 🙂

  2. Heidi Wolin

    Gotta love a basset. Mine runs to the car and then goes limp on the ground if she does not get to go for a ride. Sometimes it is just easier to take her for a 2 minute ride that to try to carry a limp dog back in the house-LOL

  3. Kpupfly

    Bless you for adopting senior dogs. That’s wonderful to hear, and especially George’s story. He’s a cutie, even if he has to mark his backpack. What? It’s his now, pee-ers keepers, I always say

  4. Jennifer

    This story made me cry! I am so happy this guy found a loving family. Hearing stories with happy endings like this makes me smile.

  5. Grumpy

    with all the other backpacks at school, how else are you supposed to tell the difference without a little pee marking???

  6. quantakiran

    glad this story has a happy ending! i think he thinks he’s mom’s assistant, getting the kids to get their stuff off the floor and put away!


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