8 Responses to “A pug with no apologies”

  1. bluhare

    Is it me or do pugs seem to be . . . represented quite well on this site? LOL!!!

  2. Polly

    Yes, it would seem there is a preponderance of pugs! (Sounds like an illness….) A good friend who has had pugs says, “It’s the pug way.”

  3. vicki d

    Are there just more pugs? or are they just more naughty than other pups? That must be why they are soooooo cute!!!! these two are precious!

  4. Lisa infantino

    I’m guessing the fawn peed on the black one ! That’s how it is here! Lol

    • Donna

      My black one pees on my fawn one I keep reading this because it makes me laugh everytime


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