25 Responses to “African Grey Shaming?”

  1. chelsea

    I need that sign! I have a Yellow Naped and he is so mean. He loves my husband but hates me and bites me every chance he gets.

  2. jill

    Ha ha! I need that sign. I love my umbrella cockatoo to pieces & most of the time she’s a lovely sweet girl but every so often she becomes possessed & hungry for the taste of human flesh.

  3. george

    It’s always the funny looking dogs that bite. I bet, he’s trying to tell you something.
    (Like maybe he’s not a fluffy dog that wants to be petted? Just guessing)

  4. bobcat4424

    LOL — I have a Timneh and a significant number of scars to sow for it. I love the bird dearly, but he can be a handful when he decides to assert himself. I will say that I have never been bitten without being warned first. But sometimes it just has to be my way or the airways and I have to pay a price in blood.

  5. joy

    I want one of those signs! — I’ve owned my beloved grey since she was a baby — 22 years later, I still get nailed by her beak ever now and then!

    Whomever posted this pic — knows what owning a parrot entails:)

  6. Mercedes Lackey

    Oh yes. And the most evil part is that they will fluff up and put down their head as if they want to be scritched, and the minute your finger touches a feather, the head whips around like a striking snake, and BLAM!

  7. Dan

    Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can purchase that sign. I absolutely need that for my father, who my cherry conure attacks on the daily.


  8. Dolly Neilson

    Our sign says, “Management not responsible for lost or missing fingers”.


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