6 Responses to “Box of Shame: Yorkie Edition”

  1. Nay

    Love love love the box of shame! Now Tucker needs a crown and sceptre to complete his ensemble. Obviously a case of small man’s syndrome. Ha!


      Maybe Tucker’s mom should be in the box of shame !
      Confining Tucker to such a small box all the time is shameful.

  2. cort35

    oh my goodness, i LOVE that the box has an interchangeable reason for being in there… hilarious!

  3. MaryBeth

    I love the box of shame. I have a Yorkie and know where mom needed to punish him in it. She had to or he would think it was all right to chew her things. My yorkie is strong minded too so we have our little talks. And he is not allowed to set on my lap for a few hours because he was naughty.


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