12 Responses to “Cleaning up after the cleaner”

  1. Elle

    They didn’t answer the important question – was the robot shamed? I would think so.

  2. bobbie Grumbling

    I just love Dog Shaming for all the chuckles I get from such crazy situations all the furbabies get themselves into but this takes the cake! I have thought about getting one of the robot vacs and would never in my wildest dreams have pictured this as a potential problem!!!! Thanks for sharing your “bot shaming” (I just can’t blame that cute little guy for this mess!!)

  3. Elizabeth Angelone

    It never ceases to amaze me how our furry babies get themselves into trouble. But this time is was the bot’s fault.

  4. Aramat

    Same happened to me, but it was my BRAND NEW, just out of the box and charged up Dyson stickvac. I was going over a dark colored rug in the office, met a little resistance, and suddenly, everything inside the machine was smeared. Took me quite a while, many wet wipes, q-tips and patience to get the thing clean enough to use. Herself just watched me as I rolled over the poop.


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