16 Responses to “Counter Surfer”

  1. Ferne Harasimiw

    That is ok. Finnish it up. They can’t eat it now. Lol. You go get a hug and a treat for that.

  2. jazzy820

    LOL! How did I know that was a Lab! They are professional counter surfers! Thanks for the laugh!

    • John

      Dobermans are professionals too…I had a red dobie that was SO slick, he ate an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese in under 30 seconds….from the counter. I turned around and just saw him smacking his lips. NO remorse whatsoever!

  3. Cindy

    My Kona lives for the days we finish up a peanut butter jar. Trying to get to every last bit keeps her entertained for a long time!

  4. Nay

    Caught……….in……….the……….act! Have to admire his sheer unrepentant blink less stare.

  5. Kim Gates

    I put Peanut Butter and treats in my dogs Kong and freeze it. He loves it and it takes longer to eat. He also gets the last little bit in the jar and will carry around that jar for days.

    • Cindy Glover

      My dog gets a kong also
      twice a day full of Dog Chow with peanut butter all over it. She loves it and everyone says she’s a fat dog. My dog doesn’t get the peanut butter jar anymore. The last time a few years ago, she started chewing the top of the plastic jar and caused her mouth to bleed.

      • quantakiran

        Just take a slice of bread and wipe the inside of the jar, your dog knows what to do after that! 🙂


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