29 Responses to “Double Dental Shame”

  1. Lisa owen

    Forgive me for asking, why was he skateboarding? Good grief 🙁 my husband would never live that down 😉

  2. B.

    Obviously no one uses a dot matrix printer anymore. That’s why the paper was available to write on.

  3. bluhare

    Do I see the remnants of a black eye on husband’s face? Ouch!!

    Daphne’s gorgeous.

  4. Ursula

    Our dog Boof got hold of my mothers false teeth and ate them too…. even after they were glued back together there was still a piece missing… wonder what part of the lawn that ended up in?

  5. a cruz

    We had a cocker spaniel that chewed my dad’s upper teeth set one week before his nieces wedding. He had to drive to Wisconsin (1 state away) and found a dentist who could have a new set made in a two days. ohhh it cost him alright but never once did he blame the dog. Lol.

  6. nycRed714

    Really nice people on two counts, no three – 1) adopt a pit bull, 2) adopt a deaf pit bull, and 3) have a sense of humor about losing an expensive dental appliance. Cute hubby and adorable dog. Kudos!

  7. Lisa

    I love that Daphne looks like a deer in headlights. I also love that you adopted a deaf Pittie. (I’m assuming that’s what all the commenters meant to say too before they got distracted about skateboarding and paper?)

  8. Jock

    Thank you for the best laugh I’ve had in ages. I love the stunned mullet look on both their faces.

  9. LTG2

    The expression on the dog made me belly laugh in a room by myself. This was just so funny and cute it made my day.
    (And the photographer “shamed” her husband to be funny bc he left his amazing-smelling expensive (and very necessary) partial teeth where the dog could get to them, NOT BECAUSE HE SKATEBOARDED! LOL Come on people…this is a humor website. Be nice!)

  10. Marta

    Dogs adore acrylic thing that fake teeth are made from (pink part, not teeth themselves). My mom is a dental technician and she is soo used to making ‘quick fixes’ after similar dog accidents! Never, ever, let fake teeth lay around if you have a dog. Even closing this in plastic box or something may not be safe enough. Hide it well, even well-behaved dogs cannot resist the temptation. 🙂


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