15 Responses to “Family Portrait”

  1. Lori

    Memories for a lifetime! Our Border Collie loved to herd the kids in the pool. She wouldn’t rest until they were all in one end and went crazy when they moved!

  2. Catlover, Dogowner :{

    Priceless! An ex-boyfriend had a shepherd/collie mix and dozens of nieces and nephews. The dog would corral the kids in one room at family parties. We always knew when to go and look for them, because it got quiet and when we went to look, the kids were all in one corner and the dog lying across the doorway.

  3. Carol

    Love Herding Dogs!!! Our GSD used to bunch up all the neighborhood kids while they were playing, he would make smaller and smaller circles until the kids were in a tight bunch, then he would stand guard over them! They weren’t even aware he was “herding” them.

  4. Jock

    That is so adorable it’s ridiculous. I’m amazed you got them all to stay still long enough for a photo.

  5. Kelpiemum

    My kelpie and I are no longer welcome at the dog park because she herds all the other pups (and their people) into a group. If anyone tried to break away to chase a ball the get headed off and brought back! I love herding dogs and this shaming is adorable!!

    • jbb1948

      This is fabulous! It reminds me of a still right out of the old tv show, “Little Rascals.” Just love this so much.

  6. Summer

    So cute!
    We had to quit taking our dogs to the dog park because they would herd up the other dogs.

  7. Lisa

    The kid and the cat are cute, but those dogs made me squeal a little bit. They are SO cute and so smiley. And they must be good to gather and pose for a family pic. This one should be framed.

  8. Dr. ABC

    Diversity is good for families. Apparently, diversity is good for herds, too!

  9. Dianne

    This is soooo cute! I’m so impressed you got everybody to be still long enough to get all the signs on then take the pic.


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