13 Responses to “Frankie’s Dinner Ritual”

    • Julie Ann

      Oh my goodness Frankie, what a silly boy you are but you are so very sweet looking, I would have the hardest time ever trying to tell you, you were a naughty boy. Well maybe after I stopped laughing.

  1. Gerri Lauzon

    When my Levi finishes eating, he runs into my bedroom and wipes his mouth on my comforter (pale blue/yellow/white) Frankie looks like he’ll do just about anything he wants! He looks so nice on the matching comforter!

  2. eldochamp

    One of my dogs now has to eat in the kennel because he finishes first and then pees on the other dogs while they are still eating. I guess boys will be boys.

  3. Leelee

    It must be a small dog thing. My boy pees on his brother and sisters’ bowls when he is done!

  4. Jan

    Actually that’s quite odd, as a rule dogs don’t pee where they eat or play. Peeing on another dog’s bowl would be claiming ownership but their own bowl? Does he share it?


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