13 Responses to “Gassy Gal”

  1. Melinda

    Cute baby – but the farting issue is often linked to food allergies. I have an English bull terrier who used to fart A LOT but then we tried hypoallergenic food and that helped.

    • tj4evr

      It’s actually also very inherent to breeds with pushed in faces. They inhale a lot of air. I learned that on Dogs 101. :p

  2. Jennifer

    Look at that face! Adorable! Our bulldog farts a lot too…He can wake us up from a dead sleep with the fumes.

  3. Hallie

    I have a Bully too & more than once woke from a dead sleep to a stench that forced me to actually look & see if he had an accident. Nope, just vicious gas as he snored loudly away…

  4. Jennie

    Yeah, our Bulldogs always had lots of gas too. Sometimes diet can help (a friends who’s bulldog was given to them because the previous owners couldn’t put up with the gas swears by Science Diet) but, they are just gassy dogs.

  5. Shawn

    This made me roflmbo….I read all the comments and was giggling the entire time! Thank you, Gassy Gal!!!!! I am sharing this and hoping it makes someone else’s day too!

  6. Nay

    She might be gassy but she is also glamorous in that pink collar! Girl, you got it go in’ on!


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