13 Responses to “That’s it, I’m going to grand-ma’s!!”

  1. corianne

    When we’re at my parents’ house, my dogs stick closer to my mom than they do to me. They know Gma is more likely to give them treats than Mom is.

  2. Ginger

    LOL – that’s a heck of a story! I’m glad the underwear clad wearing dad got to him before the car did!

  3. catie

    Oh Millie, you adorable little dog! Love how she tried to escape to Grandma’s, we all know they spoil their grandpups! 🙂 Glad you’re safe.

  4. Jackie

    She is SO adorable! Looks rather upset she was caught. …the face says it all…glad she was caught and hope she learned her lesson.The streets are dangerous for pups out on their own.Glad she moved up to “clean” tissues lol btw how old is Millie?

  5. Jan

    I hope Dad was wearing boxers and not tighty-whiteys. I think this is my favourite shaming ever. The photo, the title, the caption, all of it. Perfect.


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