11 Responses to “Howdy Neighbor!”

  1. Heather

    Better to find you than a burglar. Maybe the neighbors need to lock their doors lol.

  2. Katie

    My neighbor’s dog let himself onto my apartment while I was napping on my sofa. Came and licked my face, waking me up. I apparently did not latch my door properly. His owner was mortified. I thought it was funny.

  3. Kpupfly

    I think this is hysterical! Of course, I haven’t come home to find some one else’s dog in my house…..
    But what a cutie

  4. Molly

    Years ago I lived in an apartment with a balcony shared with the people next door. The divider did not go entirely to the floor so sometimes their Basset Hound would shimmy under it to visit. It’s a wonder she never got stuck. Lol

  5. Karen

    My rhodie does this and she recently didn’t like the brush fire I was burning. Noticed she wandered off and went to the neighbors house. She’d knocked on their door and they let her in to chill while they’re band practiced.


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