13 Responses to “I WILL herd you”

  1. Molly's mum

    I have a heeler too. She’s just awesome, as long as you do what she tells you to do

  2. Kelly

    Sounds exactly like my Heeler! He herds the Nanny when she leaves the house with our baby! Such wonderful dogs 🙂

  3. German Chocolate Betty

    Too cute! My first heeler nipped when she was young, once got me in the butt on the way down the stairs. We were able to break her of it with basically no problems. I think it was her trying to herd all 6 cats that finally broke her of trying to herd everything.

    My second heeler doesn’t nip at all — but she is so focused on her ‘job’ (retrieving a thrown ball) that she generally ignores other dogs and other people including bikers, joggers, etc…..! Although skateboarders will get her attention!

    That intent look is so typical!!

  4. Kmoeko

    I have a heeler and invested in a boomer ball… Indestructible and he will herd it around the yard for hours!


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