13 Responses to “I’m going to be very sick later…..”

  1. DeeDee

    OMG……….. This little fellow isn’t going to have a very nice poopoo!!!!!

  2. Tammie R

    I hope he’s okay. There are a number of things I would find alarming in this feast, but number one would be the chicken bones (that will splinter inside him.)

  3. stella

    The mistake here was telling someone your dog has been good lately. His has a reputation to uphold amongst his doggy friends. He doesn’t want to be known as the “good boy” – he wants to be known as the rib-eatin’ chicken thief.

  4. Jess

    Poor guy. He can’t resist the siren call of people food. It was obviously left out for him

  5. Jennifer

    Our bulldog Ollie ate chicken bones before. Scary stuff! He was ok. Nothing happened to him.
    Dexter is a cutie!!

  6. Donna

    My moms shitzu swallowed an entire chicken leg. Called the vet and they said the stomach acid would eat at the bone, and he’d be fine, but to beware of lots of trips outside. Sure enough, dog pooped more the next day than he’d ever pooped in his life.

  7. Jan

    Oreo’s can get old? Really? My dog grabbed a chicken carcass off the lawn that my weird neighbour threw outside (they liked to litter) and I couldn’t catch him. I finally stopped trying because I noticed he chewed more thoroughly if I kept my distance. All was okay. Hope Dexter is too.

  8. Chelsea

    He was just trying to be green and help you minimize food waste! (A whole chicken? I really hope Dexter is okay, but maybe he will remind you to try to do better at not wasting food in the future ^^)

  9. Meh

    You don’t eat your leftovers?? I would loved to have those ribs… I wished I had that money… I hope that our dog is going to be alright.


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