18 Responses to “Intruder Alert!”

  1. BullyMama

    Our two did the same thing. I’m sure they happily supervised while the thieves made off with $5,000 worth of stuff

  2. waysideartist

    Oh,my! I am so sorry for you. Crowder looks so sweet that scaring off intruders wouldn’t come naturally. Hope you are able to feel safe soon.


      My boy would not only have let them in and held the door for them, he would have helped them load it in the truck.
      Plus he would have made them a sandwich to take with them.

  3. nillabop

    obviously went to the same security school my dogs attended — because mine did the same thing a few months ago!

  4. brad

    Dogs look to you (or SHOULD look to you) for “protection”. Not the other way.

    He did exactly what he was supposed to: remained cute and adorable.

    Love him!

  5. Jan

    I’m not sure what mine would do if someone broke in. He’d bark his head off if they knocked first…

  6. Smartypants

    Aw, look at that furrowed brow – he says “Next time I will bark!”. Glad you are all Ok.


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