7 Responses to “Kitty Klean-up”

  1. Deanna

    I’ve never met a dog who didn’t LOVE “Scooby Snacks” (as we call them at my house). Molly does look like she feels bad, but its probably because she got caught, not the crime itself.

  2. Jan

    One more time for all the people with dogs who are cat poo eaters: buy a large Rubbermaid container or something similar as the ridges on the bottom of the Rubbermaid container are a nuisance. It should be high enough that your dog can’t get to the litter but no so high you are risking your cat and it must have a lid. Cut a hole in the lid big enough for your cat. Put litter in bottom and presto. Cat goes in and out, dog can’t get in and you have less litter tracking as cat has to jump in and out. To get my cat used to it I started with something smaller and no lid but he still had to jump in and then moved to the larger container and then put lid on. He caught on no probs and now we are all happy. Well, except the dog, but he got over it.

  3. Jan

    BTW don’t mean to sound snarky,I’ve just put this solution under a lot of pictures! 🙂 and it should read “not so high” not “no so high” You can buy top entry litter boxes but they are usually around $100 which is nuts and totally unnecessary. Also you are not limited in choice of container, it can be pretty!


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