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Morris Dogshaming OK

In Spain, dogs are not allowed on most beaches. A few days ago, me and my family spent a few days in the coast, and the first day we went for a dip, had to leave our dog Morris, the six year old adopted wiener-mix, in the apartment.
When we came back, we found out that Morris had done this.
After that, we were forced to find a beach that allowed dogs, and take with us our furry fellow, absolutely everywhere!

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  1. Heather

    I’m impressed you took Morris on vacation with you. That must have been quite an undertaking depending on how far you traveled. I think you’re one lucky pup Morris.

  2. Kim Cronin

    Whoa, they took the dog on a family vacation – that’s pretty great. Obviously they consider Morris a member of the family. You can’t take a dog absolutely everywhere with you. Carme – you’re wonderful and Morris is a lucky boy.

  3. Olivia

    Sometimes it’s wise NOT to take a dog to the beach…too hot, lack of shade.drinking water..beach rules…etc. My dog gets very upset when people swim (he’s getting better at this but still…) sometimes he gets away from me and not everyone appreciates him running into the water barking….and a child is not likely to chew on the woodwork.
    And a big shout out to gmarie3 also!

  4. Carme Sala

    Thanks a lot, for your wonderful point of view! 🙂

    After all, we finally ended having our best holidays ever, and we managed quite good carrying him everywhere; we even found a chinese restaurant, where allowed Morris to stay, under our table…
    I hope, we’ll have much holidays like that, sharing our time with him (when possible and reasonable) rather than having to leave him on a kennel far from us.

  5. Carme Sala

    Just would like to say that since Morris was abandoned once, before to be adopted by our family, we all agree to carry him everywhere, starting with this memorable holidays.
    Nice to find you her too, Marta! 😉


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