13 Responses to “Loud and Proud”

    • Sbrnakiss

      My piebald peki-tzu, is deaf too and she LOVES to bark!! Especially whole staring at herself in any reflection.

  1. tj4evr

    I’m sure the adorable pup has reasons…. my parent’s deaf dog would bark at vibrations. And such a pretty puppy. Did you know a lot of white animals are deaf?

  2. Barbara m

    I have no idea if dogs do this, but our deaf white cat would howl when she needed reassurance we were around. This happened mostly during the middle of the night. We loved her so mich and miss her.

    • Peppermint Butler

      My going deaf cat does that too. She is so loud; I’m pretty sure the neighbours think we’re abusing her.

    • bluhare

      Thanks to you guys for this. I now realize why our older JRT is now going into the bedroom and barking at himself!

  3. Grumpy

    She chased the Boogey Man away before he had a chance to haunt you. It wasn’t over nothing….

  4. george

    Yeah, probably needs some comfort and reassurance from mom and dad. I can see where it might be kinda scary for a dog to be deaf.

  5. catie

    I had a dog that went deaf, and she barely barked. Now my mom has a 13 year old Sheltie mix that has gone deaf and he barks less than ever.

    • Smartypants

      I wonder if it makes a difference whether the dog goes deaf (after a lifetime of hearing) or is born deaf (like Aspen)?


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