10 Responses to “Macy Puts Herself in Doggy Time-Out”

  1. Numberfool

    May want to get her checked for bladder or kidney infection since she has never done it before!

  2. Kpupfly

    If she’s spayed, she may be having bladder control issues. Both my girl & my mom’s have had issues but it’s controllable with medication. Poor, little Macy, she feels so bad.

  3. bluhare

    I swear this one was already posted. Macy’s got skillz to have it put up twice!

  4. Molly

    I thought this looked familiar! What a sweet face! My 10 year old dog has occasionally peed on the bed; also completely out of character. I’ll have to mention it to her vet. I thought it was just a freak thing but maybe it is something that needs to be addressed. Thanks for the heads up!


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