18 Responses to “She doesn’t even go here!”

  1. Lisa

    Oh, but… Can she live with you??? Please??? I mean – if she needs a home?

  2. Jordan

    Same thing happened to me. Now he has slept in bed with me under the covers for a few years now.

  3. Amy

    If you don’t want the kitteh, I do! We are looking for one or two to complete our family, and I love the markings. Reminds me of a cat I had when I was younger. 🙂

  4. Jackie

    Just wondering. …did the cat wander into your house or did somebody let it in???? Looks harmless and pretty comfy!

    • Emily

      She wandered in the first few times but I think now my brother lets her in – just the conservatory not the rest of the house. She’s been known to sleep there for hours! Absolutely beautiful cat

  5. Pinta's People

    You let her in – You now belong to her! Even if she has another family or two! Your girl looks to be a good bit if not all Bengal cat. they do tend to be extremely curious, and rare – even by cat standards!
    We once belonged to a neighborhood cat, He had about 6 known family’s and had special reasons why he would visit each – We were the healers! (He was a tom)

    • Pinta's People

      P.S. Donate a collar – with a note – if she goes out – I asked who our guy was, And found out his history and along with several of his families learned how he worked the circuit!

  6. CrazyCatLady

    If it isn’t a Bengal cat, it is a Savannah. Both cats are very curious and love outside trips. They a rare breed and can be very expensive…I would think she has a family who loves her. They also have dog like qualities and can be a larger sized cat (tall and long). I would do as Pinta’s people suggested…donate a collar with note attached. 😉


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