12 Responses to “My Mom Found My Stash”

  1. Shawn

    If she has 2footed siblings, I hope she doesn’t teach them her trick! lol

  2. SilentKnight

    Peanut butter makes it go down a little better…at least it does for my Ms. Precious.

    • Stressfactor

      Mine has gotten quite adept at licking off all the ‘good stuff’ then spitting the pill out of the side of her mouth. I have to watch her like a hawk.

  3. DB

    My Marilla does the same with her anti-epilepsy meds. I have to watch her VERY carefully!

  4. Betty

    Back in the “old days” when dogs took worm pills, our dog used to put on a good show of taking hers (usually coated with peanut butter or stuck in a piece of hotdog). We would often find the pills later buried in her bed. They can be smart when it comes to avoiding swallowing pills.

  5. Eve

    Yes we have one that doesn’t like her heartworm pills; so therefore she gets them the old fashion way cause wrapping in cheese or peanutbutter didn’t work!

  6. Deb

    A little wad of Velveeta or Kraft singles cheese works great, too. Just sticky enough to adhere to the pill (especially everyone’s favorite stinker, Cephalexin) but not to the critter’s tongue. Right down the hatch!


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