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Lewis is serving time for bad behaviour!

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13 Responses to “Pound Puppy”

  1. Kim Cronin

    I’m thinking that Lewis is a chihuahua or a chihuahua mix. Thanks for the belly laugh! This was hilarious! Glad that Lewis is safe and mom’s dignity is still intact.

    • Polly

      Lewis is color-coordinated and looking quite dapper in his infraction-appropriate attire. I like that the creator of his jail-bird T got the stripes matched! (a sign of good seamstress-ness!)

    • Jan

      Yes he certainly is – hope he doesn’t try to break out of jail though. That sounded scary.

  2. Wendy

    I don’t know if it’s a trick of perspective, but his neck looks so long!

  3. Lewis's mom

    We think he may be some sort of rat terrier mix… The jailor costume was his from last Halloween when he was just a few months old, so it’s a little small on him now, but it still fits his mischievous personality to a tee!!!

    • quantakiran

      With ears like those you’d think reception of your commands wouldn’t be a problem! He’s very cute!

  4. Dawn Thomas

    Awww… Lewis is a cutie!! I know all about the ‘terrible terriers ‘ … lol… my Stewie will not hear me yelling at him to leave the squirrels alone, but will hear a cheese wrapper from 100 miles away!!!! hAHAHA!!!


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