9 Responses to “Roxie Got A Job!”

  1. Helene

    Are you a quilter?I recognize the stacks of fabric. I love the flower. Roxie needed her own hobby,

    • Smartypants

      Oh, that’s what those are! They caught my eye too – I was guessing some type of scarves/accessories.

    • banjokatt

      No matter what the size, no matter what the intelligence, dogs can’t keep their paws off skunks, Our Shih Tzu is convinced the skunks are cats and tries to play with them!

  2. Gayle Fox

    Mix Roxie up a batch of Magic Skunk Destinker. Equal parts peroxide and baking soda with a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of Dawn dish washing liquid. Rub on before washing and let set for awhile. The vet office gave this tip and it works


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