9 Responses to “Runaway Pug”

  1. Corrupt

    She was being thoughtful and giving you a dog free night….and she was sure she told you she would be gone for the evening hence the casual walk of where’s my breakfast!

    • Grumpy

      have you ever rang a neighbor’s doorbell at 3am? its not as smooth as you’d think.

  2. Cecilia from Brazil

    My pug Yolanda went missing aouple of years ago. We had my mother in law babysit her while we were in Europe and Yolanda decided to go for walk. She spent 3 days at a closeby neighbor until they saw our “wanted” add on the newspaper and returned her. They didn’t know whom to return her too, after all she didn’t live in my in-law’s house so I actually appreciate them so much for taking care of her. Scariest and saddest 3 days we had!!

  3. Kim Cronin

    Does Violet always have to sleep outside? Maybe the neighbors are like me and think that a little dog needs to sleep indoors so gave her that opportunity. That’s what I’d do. Sorry.

    • Kari-Irun

      The dog probably has a nice place to sleep. If you took my dog out of my backyard I’d probably call the cops. sorry.


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